• Thanks for taking the time to visit the BRITE web page and to explore the opportunities we have available.

    If you’re in search of opportunities to augment your regular job with part-time professional income, or you’re looking to transition into a potentially lucrative home-based business of your own, Britehead offers a variety of opportunities in professional services.

    BRITE is an e-commerce marketing and network operations business, and one of the first “virtual” companies. BRITE operates a professional network that offers its associates the opportunity to earn income by identifying and qualifying consulting and professional staffing opportunities, participating on proposal development teams, and serving on engagement and project review teams. In effect, BRITE serves as an extension of ISI’s consulting and staffing operations, providing compensation market-based compensation for business development and recruiting professionals, as well as the opportunity for placement on contract or permanent assignments.

    I founded BRITE after a successful career in consulting (I was a Director of a publicly traded consulting firm) in order to take control over my time, my career and my future, and to help others do the same. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then BRITE might be for you. If nothing else, BRITE would be a great vehicle for… bringing in additional income, providing qualifications and skills for your resume, and building a network of professional contacts.

    We’re looking for executives and professionals with backgrounds in sales, operations, consulting, engineering, finance, human resources and information technology to join our growing organization. We’re also looking for individuals with functional experience in the financial services, health care, high tech and pharmaceutical industries. Please check out this web site and the online documents, and if you have a question about BRITE or any of the opportunities that we have available, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at info@britehead.com.

    Compensation Plan

    So, how do you make money as a BRITE Associate? There are several ways, actually! Let’s go through them. On the professional services side of the business, we pay out up to a total of 10% of our net billings for business development (identifying qualified opportunities and/or participating in proposal/capture teams), and 75% of our billings for delivery (doing the work) As you can see, BRITE pays out up to a full 85% of net bill rate — compare that to any other professional services organization, anywhere!

    OK, so what does all that mean? Well, here are a few examples. There are 3 basic ways to make money in professional services as a BRITE Associate:

    1. Business Development – Identifying Associate. You, as a BRITE Associate, identify an opportunity for a professional services firm to perform some work at your current company, or with a company at which you have a contact. If you notify us of the opportunity and we win the work, you get between 2.5 and 5 percent of the net (after tax) billings as they are paid, whether or not you actively assist in closing the deal. Identifying Associates are the “eyes and ears” of the BRITE network.

    2. Business Development – Proposal/Capture Team. You, as a BRITE Associate, have expertise needed by the network in developing a proposal in response to an opportunity. If you assist in developing a proposal and we win the work, you participate in a pool of between 2.5 and 5 percent of the net billings as they are paid.

    3. Delivery. You, as a BRITE Associate, have the skills to help us fulfill the contract requirements. You get paid the delivery pay rate for that portion of the assignment. We reserve 75% of the net billings for the associates who perform the work.

    In addition to these opportunities, we have a limited number of special opportunities for true leaders with senior executive level skills to act as area/geography directors and industry directors. These key leaders will be responsible for building a business, and will qualify to receive a commission on billings in their assigned territories.

    Getting Started

    So, how do you get started as a BRITE Associate? Every Britehead is a business developer first and foremost. The first thing that you should do is to identify opportunities for BRITE to close and deliver consulting projects, and make us aware of them using the contact form. They could be at your company. They could be for people you know. We’ll get right back to you to discuss the opportunity, and if you have the skills to help deliver the project, you can be part of the project team as well. If you have a question about BRITE or any of the opportunities that we have available, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at info@BRITEthinking.com.

    Did you know…? BRITE is the direct descendent of D.L. Boone & Company, one of the earliest “virtual corporations” that was profiled in best selling business books including The Tom Peters Seminar by Tom Peters (page 125 ff.), ISBN 0679754938; and The Internet Business Guide by Rosalind Resnick and Dave Taylor (page 260 ff.), ISBN 0672305305.